Kentklean recognise a commitment to the environment. We wish to minimise the potential harmful effects of its activities wherever and whenever possible. This includes ensuring all cleaning products are free from any environmentally hazardous substances. Due to the nature of our business every effort is being made to counteract both new and existing environmental hazards.

Kentklean is committed to protecting the environment, both now and for the future. Paramount to this is the on-going communication between our clients, suppliers and site management to develop environmental solutions to comply with current and forthcoming legislation.

It is Kentklean’s policy to proactively look for new initiatives to minimise the adverse effects of incidents such as the spillage of chemicals, improper disposal of waste, unnecessary emissions to water and the atmosphere and noise pollution.

Training programmes are in place to ensure that all management and supervisory staff use the correct equipment, procedures and working practices and are aware of the environmental implications of the tasks connected with the needs of the client.

Kentklean purchase recycled or paper products from sustainable sources and are updated regularly from studies carried out on the environmental impact of paper products, electric dryers, chemical usage and disposal of chemicals.

Kentklean are committed to working with suppliers who ensure that their manufacturing and packaging procedures produce environmentally friendly products and as a result have affiliated itself with suppliers who support our efforts. We are now implementing a new range of cleaning detergents from globally recognised manufacturers, so please contact us directly for further information on these exciting products.

This philosophy also applies to our window cleaning services, and you can rely on us for the latest innovations. We have recently invested in the unique high reach pure water technology system, combining the benefits of purified water to eliminate the need for detergents and chemicals with ground-based cleaning to eliminate the need for ladders and access platforms. The result is highly effective cleaning with no worries about environmental impacts or health & safety risks.

We believe that it is essential for our quality of life now and that of future generations to protect and maintain the environment to the best of our ability. Only by continuous commitment and education can we make a major contribution to the way we live.