High Reach Pure Water Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning – a changing industry

Our pure water systems are set to revolutionise the way windows are cleaned – forever. The concept is simple: pure water is temporarily stored in our adapted vehicle tanks. This water is then pumped through a hose that runs up a telescopic composite pole. The pure water is applied to the window surface using a soft bristle brush head and then rinsed down.

So how does pure water clean?

Pure water is rarely found in nature due to the fact that water, by its nature, tends to absorb minerals. It is this mineral content that leaves behind the spotting and ‘watermarks’ so often seen when glass is cleaned and left to air-dry. When water is pure, with no mineral content, dust and dirt particles commonly found on glass are easily absorbed and rinsed away, the process being further accelerated by the use of resin filters. This means that no mineral residue is left behind and, as the water evaporates, windows are left clean and streak-free.

Benefits for the Operator


  • No access equipment to place – saves time
  • Pole technology enables quicker cleaning
  • Operators stay safely on the ground
  • More work is completed in less time

Less physical:

  • Less demanding than ladder work
  • Consistent pace of working achieved
  • Less fatigue – can work more hours


  • Avoid potential accidents from height
  • Better working environment
  • Compliance with HSE directives

Benefits for the client:

  • Frames included at no extra cost
  • Previously inaccessible areas cleaned with ease
  • Less soiling occurring between cleans
  • Use of poles gives customer more privacy
  • Use of poles reduces risk of property damage
  • No need to rest ladders on sills or guttering
  • No chemicals used – environmentally friendly
  • Excellent and consistent results
  • Reduces liability – injury risk greatly decreased
  • Clients assured of a professional service